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cunt cap (plural cunt caps)

  1. (military slang, vulgar) A hat which is gathered and folded on the top.
    • 1982, Lawrence Durrell, Constance, Penguin 2004 (Avignon Quintet), p. 633:
      I had warmed under the smiling gaze of this military young woman who wore her small lifeboat hat (these were, I afterwards discovered, known as cunt-caps among the girls themselves) and smoked her ration of tobacco, though she always refused coffee.
    • 1993, Philip Lewis, Life of Death, page 128:
      I hated it – I preferred to wear the gook cap because the cunt cap had DUMMHEIT embroidered all across in black, in an elegant cursive, really swanky and stylish.
    • 1989, Paul Fussell, Wartime, Oxford University Press, p. 92:
      The soldier's overseas cap, the one that opens up along the top, is called a cunt cap: it's hard to imagine any other piece of conventional headgear, like a policeman's visor cap or a bishop's miter or a motorcyclist's helmet treated automatically with such obscene disrespect.