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cyber- +‎ violence


cyberviolence (uncountable)

  1. Violence, or its equivalent, carried out in cyberspace or on the Internet.
    • 2001, David Wall, Crime and the Internet
      At one end of the spectrum of cyberviolence lies hate speech, which tends to impact upon specific social, political or religious groups.
    • 2001, Eugene McLaughlin, John Muncie, The Sage Dictionary of Criminology
      Cybercrime often involves cyberviolence that puts the personal safety of citizens at risk through, for example, the manipulation of the emotions...
    • 2003, Eric W Hickey, Encyclopedia of Murder and Violent Crime
      At the core of rape, domestic violence, pedophilia, cyberviolence, and other interactions, one discovers precisely a way of being that is grounded in domination and reduces others simply to objects.
    • 2005, Janet Staiger, Media reception studies
      ...threats of personal violence, actual acts of cyberviolence (spamming those making the assertions)...