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dance +‎ -y



dancy (comparative dancier or more dancy, superlative danciest or most dancy)

  1. (of music, informal) Suitable for dancing to.
    After a few slow numbers, the band moved on to some more dancy tunes.
    • 1951, Billboard - May 12, 1951[1], page 10:
      This was the swingingest, danciest Ellington heard by most in a decade.
    • 1954, Collier's Illustrated Weekly - Volume 133[2], page 56:
      TOLBERT BIGAMY JONES was the danciest cowboy in our part of west Texas.
    • 1988 July 15, Sarah Kaufman, “Dance & More for $1.98”, in Chicago Reader[3]:
      Joseph Holmes Dance Theatre member Darrian Ford and JHDT instructor Winifred Haun teamed up in Long Lunch, the danciest piece on the program.
  2. (heraldry) Alternative form of dancetté