dispatch box


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dispatch box (plural dispatch boxes)

  1. A box with a lock that is used for carrying dispatches.
    • 2014, Will Summerhouse, Orion Poe and the Lost Explorer: The Amazing Adventures of Orion Poe, →ISBN:
      Drop that pistol and come out with my dispatch box.
  2. (UK politics) A box that is used as a lectern for addressing the House of Commons
    • 2003, Jeffrey Archer, First Among Equals, →ISBN:
      It was about the only attempt at humour Raymond had made at the dispatch box that year, which may have been the reason so few members laughed.
    • 2018, The Observer, The Observer view on the budget and the decade of austerity, 28 October :
      There is a familiar pattern that has come to define Theresa May’s premiership. Encouraging rhetoric gets periodically wheeled out: the pledges to ease the burden on the “just about managing”; the promises to fight the “burning injustices” of social inequality. But then a few weeks later, the chancellor gets up at the dispatch box to deliver a budget or an autumn statement and it’s as if those words had never been uttered.

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