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do one's block



A loose usage of do with block ((slang) head).


do one's block

  1. (Australia, slang) To become enraged.
    • 1993, Manning Clark, Michael Cathcart (editor) Manning Clark's History of Australia: Abridged, page 303,
      Dad was [] the man who slaved his guts out to win the status of a landowner, got dead drunk and was carried home from the local pub, and did his block, and shouted and raved, and sometimes bawled like a bull, but at other times was tender with man and beast.
    • 2003, Dal Stivens, Jimmy Brockett: Portrait of a Notable Australian[1], page 283:
      He looked so sympathetic that I felt sorry about doing my block and asked him to have a whisky.
    • 2007, Andrew Fraser, Court in the Middle, unnumbered page,
      I did my block and told him that he was there because I had consented to him being there, he wasn′t part of the interviewing team, and that if he was a smart-arse one more time, there would probably be a fight in the interview room.