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From doctorish +‎ -ness.


doctorishness (uncountable)

  1. The state or quality of being like a doctor.
    • 1955, Sylvia Cooper, Thunder Stone, page 16:
      They clung passionately to his doctorishness, believing it to be safe. It wasn't safe at all.
    • 1994, Susan Rusinko, The Plays of Benn Levy: Between Shaw and Coward, page 201:
      A child can make up the truth about the doctor just as well as, or better than, he can observe and retell the truth about the doctor. Indeed the process of retailing in so far as it is unselective, in so far as it fails to eliminate the inessentials that clutter up the concept of doctorishness is liable to be less penetratingly true.

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