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Etymology edit

Borrowed from Italian, a diminutive of dolce (sweet). Doublet of dulcet and doucet.

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dolcetto (countable and uncountable, plural dolcettos)

  1. A grape variety from Piedmont, used to make a red wine.
  2. The dry, slightly bitter wine made from this grape.

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Etymology edit

From dolce (sweet) +‎ -etto (diminutive suffix). Cognate to French doucet, Piedmontese dosset.

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /dolˈt͡ʃet.to/
  • Rhymes: -etto
  • Hyphenation: dol‧cét‧to

Noun edit

dolcetto m (plural dolcetti)

  1. diminutive of dolce: cookie, petit four, treat, sweet
  2. (also uncountable) dolcetto (grape and wine from Piedmont)

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Descendants edit

  • English: dolcetto