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domestic hot water




domestic hot water (uncountable) (sometimes abbreviated as dhw)

  1. Water used, in any type of building, for domestic purposes, principally drinking, food preparation, sanitation and personal hygiene (but not including space heating, swimming pool heating, or use for processes such as commercial food preparation or clothes washing).
    • 1996: by Geraint John, Kit Campbell, Handbook of Sports and Recreational Building Design Volume 3: Ice Rinks and Swimming Pools - Heating, ventilation, domestic hot water and lighting use significant amounts of energy.
    • 2003: Roger F Jones, Martha J Boss, Dennis W Day, Biological Risk Engineering Handbook - Warm or tepid water systems that dilute domestic hot water from a water heater with cold water upstream from the outlet source are not recommended.
    • 2005: Great Britain: Parliament: House of Lords: Science and Technology Committee, Energy Efficiency: 2nd Report of Session 2005-06 - A range of products from high quality industrial steam, to lower temperature water for domestic hot water requirements and space heating.


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