From Middle French drolle (a merry fellow, pleasant rascal) from Old French drolle (one who lives luxuriously), from Middle Dutch drol (fat little man, goblin) from Old Norse troll (giant, troll) (compare Middle High German trolle (clown)), from Proto-Germanic *truzlą (creature which walks clumsily), from *truzlaną (to walk with short steps). More at troll.



drôle (plural drôles)

  1. funny, amusing
    Synonyms: comique; désopilant; marrant; rigolo (informal); poilant (France, informal); crampant (Quebec, informal); fendard (France, slang)
  2. (sometimes with "de") strange, weird, bizarre
    • 1882, Guy de Maupassant, Madame Baptiste:
      C’est drôle, mais c’est comme ça...
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    • 1901, Adolphe Orain, Contes de l’Ille-et-Vilaine, page 207:
      C’était un bien drôle de petit homme que le père Langevin, tailleur et porteur de contraintes au Grand-Fougeray.
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  • English: droll

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