drag on

See also: dragon, Dragon, and dragón



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drag on (third-person singular simple present drags on, present participle dragging on, simple past and past participle dragged on)

  1. (idiomatic) to last too long
    • 11 January 1929 Chicago Tribune - SENATE WARS ON VAGUE TERMS OF ANTI-WAR PACT
      Debate on the Kellogg Mar renunciation treaty dragged on in the senate today with no immediate prospect of final action.
    • 25 December 2004 Boston Globe - In Washington state, the race for governor drags on – and on
    • 28 July 2006 New York Times
      The villain is a grotesque exterminator voiced by Paul Giamatti, and the climactic battle against him, though it drags on a bit too long, does have its moments.