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dry as a dead dingo's donger



dry as a dead dingo's donger (comparative drier than a dead dingo's donger, superlative)

  1. (Australia, simile, informal) Very dry, extremely dry.
    • 2008, Di Morrissey, Heart of the Dreaming[1], page 376:
      ‘Not on a Sunday, mate. Town's as dry as a dead dingo′s donger. This is Queensland,’ explained one of the station hands.
    • 2010, Jessica Rudd, Campaign Ruby[2], page 181:
      ‘It′s been an absolute bloody stinker today, hasn′t it?’ said the tanned octogenarian in an almost indecipherable Australian accent. ‘Dry as a dead dingo′s donger.’
    • 2010, Peter FitzSimons, Tobruk, eBook, unnumbered page,
      Not a blade of anything seemed to grow in those parts; the whole place was as dry as a dead dingo′s donger, and yet, somehow, just, the local population seemed to hang on.
  2. (Australia, simile, informal) Very thirsty.
    • 2001, David Franklin, Looking for Sarah Jane Smith, unnumbered page,
      ‘No worries,’ Frank said, paying for his drink. ‘Boy, I need this. I′m drier than a dead dingo′s donger.’
    • 2005, Patrick Taylor, Now and in the Hour of Our Death[3], page 70:
      “Let′s have a bottle.” Tim leant across and whispered, “I′m as dry as a dead dingo′s donger.”
    • 2010, Gabrielle Lord, The Sharp End, unnumbered page,
      ‘Christ, I need a beer,’ Brennan muttered. ‘I'm dry as a dead dingo′s donger.’