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From Jamaican English; dub (music with the bass instrumental parts emphasized) +‎ -wise


dubwise (comparative more dubwise, superlative most dubwise)

  1. (chiefly Jamaican) Having a strong drum-led bassline.
    • 2001, Lloyd Bradley, This is Reggae Music: The Story of Jamaica's Music, Grove/Atlantic →ISBN
      It was the most tangible link between the instrumental style we discussed a few pages ago and the truly dubwise occurrences of a year or two later.
    • 2004, C. Parker, The Wire, issues 239-244, page 33
      Potentially more satisfying is a Japan-only CD, reportedly more dubwise in approach and mimicking the massive reverb envelope utilised on "Beat Bop".
    • 2009, David Katz, People Funny Boy - The Genius Of Lee 'Scratch' Perry, Omnibus Press →ISBN, page 196
      DIP's version of 'Hurt So Good' had a different mix than the Jamaican original, with its version side, 'Loving Is Good,' sounding more dubwise with extra Perry percussion