From elder +‎ -ship. The Lithuanian sense is a calque of Lithuanian seniūnija.


eldership (countable and uncountable, plural elderships)

  1. Seniority; the state or condition of being older.
    • 1786, Thomas Parnell, The Poetical Works of Dr. Thomas Parnell:
      Though Truth and Falsehood are as twins ally'd, There's eldership on Truth's delightful side.
    • 1829, Walter Raleigh, The works of sir Walter Ralegh:
      It followeth now to entreat how the world began to receive rule and government, which, while it had scarcity of people, underwent no other dominion than paternity and eldership.
  2. The position or office of being an elder.
  3. The smallest administrative division in Lithuania, equivalent to a ward.