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emulatrix (plural not attested)

  1. A female who emulates.
    • 1807, Mary Hays, Female biography: Volume 2, page 193:
      Damophila, the wife of Damophilus the philosopher, was the contemporary, relation, and emulatrix, of Sappho.
    • 1859, William Noel Sainsbury, Original unpublished papers illustrative of the life of Sir Peter Paul Rubens, page 362:
      I cannot contemplate, without awe, the works of your hands; they will live as long as art itself; the emulatrix of nature and human genius shall be celebrated on earth.
    • 2004: “Paul”, (Google group): Review: CD, “The Hit Years”, Nancy Sinatra, the 10th day of December at 4:37am
      Another Debbie / Nancy / MM emulatrix, though, was. An Italian girl from Detroit with reasonable pipes and a complete obsession with success, one Madonna L. V. Ciccone (or some such), became enormously successful, and there was no further denying the influence of Nancy Sinatra, in her own right and nothing to do with her father.