extended-order drill



extended-order drill (countable and uncountable, plural extended-order drills)

  1. Alternative form of extended order drill
    • 2005, Guy Walters & James Owen, The Voice of War: The Second World War Told by Those Who Fought It, →ISBN:
      Contrary to orders, the trucks closed in upon each other and sometimes even raced side by side, despite the extended-order drill.
    • 2012, Charles Dudley Daly & C. Stephen Badgley, American Football 1921, →ISBN:
      Just as in war, we have the analogy of extended-order drills, combat exercises, and field exercises, all of which it is best to follow by "a brief drill at attention in order to restore smartness and control."
    • 2016, Walter Saul Bernstein, Keep Your Heads Down, →ISBN:
      It is not until about the fourth week that extended-order drill, or actual battle formation, is practiced.