1. present participle of eyeball
    • 1944, Ernie Pyle, Brave Men, University of Nebraska Press (2001), page 160:
      "Another term was 'eyeballing,' which meant viewing and gandering around, such as 'eyeballing into Napels.'"


eyeballing (countable and uncountable, plural eyeballings)

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  1. An act of staring or ogling.
    • 2010, Daniel Raven, ‎Julie Burchill, Made In Brighton
      When he did eventually return to work, those employees he'd identified as the ringleaders of the unionisation bid found themselves getting unexpectedly called into his office at odd hours of the day for intimidatory eyeballings.
  2. The practice of pouring vodka through the eye socket, falsely claimed to increase the rate of alcohol absorption.