Hungarian edit

Etymology edit

férj (husband) +‎ -hez (to) +‎ megy (to go)

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): [ˈfeːrçhɛzmɛɟ]

Verb edit

férjhez megy

  1. (idiomatic) to get married with a man, marry, wed (with -hoz/-hez/-höz) (to take a husband)
    Synonyms: feleségül megy, bekötik a fejét, (with -hoz/hez/höz) hozzámegy
    Antonym: (to get married with a woman) megnősül
    A lányom férjhez megy!My daughter is getting married!
    Korán férjhez ment.She married at a young age.
    Egy francia férfihez ment férjhez.She married a Frenchman.

Usage notes edit

The word order can be switched depending on the sentence:

Azt mondta, hogy sosem megy férjhez.She said that she will never marry.
Titokban ment férjhez.She got married secretly.

Conjugation edit

  • For the verb, see megy.
  • The inflected noun férjhez remains unchanged.

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