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fair suck of the sauce bottle

  1. (Australia, colloquial, informal) Used to protest against unreasonableness, such as somebody taking more than their share.
    • 1983, Alistair Skelton, Bill′s Break[1], page 198:
      I tried to calm him down. “Fair suck of the sauce bottle,” I said. "Take it easy, mate. I was just admiring your cobber. Don′t often see a man like him around.”
    • 1985, Australian Short Stories, Issue 15, page 10,
      ‘Garn with ya. Fair suck of the sauce bottle’, countered Sid. ‘Look all ya gotta do is knock a little bit of the tube out and it won′t wink anymore. Get a yonnie and give it a little tap.’
    • 1993, Jill Bowen, Kidman: The Forgotten King, 2010, unnumbered page,
      Some idiots even blamed him for the drought—and the depression—because he owned so much country. Fair suck of the sauce bottle, I tell you.