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From fat +‎ berg, modelled on iceberg.


fatberg (plural fatbergs)

  1. A large accumulation of fat and discarded toiletries which clogs sewers. [From late 2000s]
    • 2009, Carlos J. Cortes, The Prisoner[1], page 162:
      Months ago a tunnel was clogged with a fatberg. It took a team of workers a month to move it.
    • 2013, Russ Litten, Swear Down, unnumbered page,
      Bleeding big fatberg up there. About half a ton's worth.
    • 2014, Adam Roberts, Bête, unnumbered page,
      Then I worked in the sewers of Manchester–a six month stint of that, jabbing pressure-water-poles at fatbergs, tonnes of used kebab grease and congealed sump oil, woven together with thousands of used wet wipes.