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for the loss



Alternative formsEdit


Modelled on earlier for the win.


for the loss

  1. (Internet, slang) Of something which completes a process in an unsuccessful manner; carrying significant drawbacks, or lacking significant benefits, to the point that the object is inferior to its competition.

Usage notesEdit

"FTL" may be used to indicate a contribution or action taken that one is proud of, even facetiously.

Very frequently, the phrase will be used in fragments lacking verbs. In these cases, additional context must be provided in prior statements in order for the "FTL" statement to make sense.


  • Kittens FTL - the speaker expresses a dislike for kittens.
  • Starbucks FTL - the speaker is expressing distaste for Starbucks Coffee Company or its products.
  • Proprietary software FTL - the speaker expresses a dislike of proprietary software.

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