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From Middle English forebodi, forbody, equivalent to fore- +‎ body.


forebody (plural forebodies)

  1. The forepart of a vehicle.
    • 1984, John C. Hilliard and George S. Springer, chapter 10, in Fuel economy in road vehicles powered by spark ignition engines, ISBN 0306414384, page 350:
      Beyond that, there are indications that some gains may be made on road vehicles by shaping the forebody in such a way that the external flow is channeled sideways around the vehicle, rather than over the top, as will be discussed in a later section.
  2. (nautical) The part of the vessel forward of amidships.
    • 1995, D. S. Sodhi, Northern Sea Route Reconnaissance Study: A Summary of Icebreaking Technology, ISBN 1428914501, page 22:
      The wear-off is intensified in heavily loaded areas, such as the ice belt in the ship's forebody, and during operations in heavy ice and especially in presence of soil or sand mixed in ice.
  3. (physiology) thorax

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