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From fore- +‎ seek.


foreseek (third-person singular simple present foreseeks, present participle foreseeking, simple past and past participle foresought)

  1. (transitive) To seek beforehand; seek in advance.
    • 1861, Chauncy Hare Townshend, The three gates: in verse:
      But still I did forget, When I was with you, all I had foresought To utter; for an ocean of new thought Was by your presence into motion set.
    • 1904, Charles Thomas Bateman, John Clifford: Free Church leader and preacher:
      Tea, served in a picturesque spot, foresought and foreordained by the secretary, follows the examination of the local "lion" and breaks the ramble in two.
    • 1960, Society for Contemporary Studies, New Delhi, Mankind:
      The pamphlet is an attempt to analyse and foreseek the prospects of the foreign policies of certain Afro-Asian countries.
    • 1986, Giacomo Balla, Maurizio Fagiolo Dell'Arco, Works by Giacomo Balla:
      And this striving for objectivity which spurs his interest for scientific phenomena, e.g. x-rays which he mentions in his notebook, urges him (one is tempted to say: forces him) to foreseek appearance for the substance of truthfulness.
    • 2009, Abhira Fashaukahn, Robbery of the Word That Meant Freed:
      Yet I (knew) I must lose (her) to prove “her” inhibitions would not be foresought. And so in departing, I had lost my “second” of the best of friends (save Jesus) by a systematic (misconstrued) freedom of “faith,” and left! (NAKED) to the “WORLD”!