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Via some other European language, ultimately a modern coinage based on Ancient Greek φῶς (phôs, light) (combining form φωτ- (phōt-)) and γράφω (gráphō, to scratch, to scrape, to graze; to write).

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fotografēt (transitive, 2nd conjugation, present fotografēju, fotografē, fotografē, past fotografēju)

  1. to photograph, to take a photograph, a picture (to capture an image with a photographic camera)
    fotografēt augus, dzīvniekusto take pictures of plants, of animals
    mācīties fotografētto learn how to take pictures, to learn photography
    sveiks, Edik! nāku tevi fotografēt goda plāksneihi, Ediks! I'm coming to photograph you for an honorary plaque

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