From friend +‎ -worthy.


friendworthy (comparative more friendworthy, superlative most friendworthy)

  1. Worthy, capable, or deserving of friendship; friendable.
    • 2002, Trudy Morgan-Cole, Connecting: Devotions for Young Adults:
      Comedian Jerry Seinfeld has a routine about this, the general idea being that the people you meet after you turn 30 are not any less friendworthy; you like them just as much as the people you met earlier.
    • 2004, Milton A. Rothman, Darrell Schweitzer, Heavy Planet and Other Science Fiction Stories:
      "I'm sure," said Edward Blake, but could not recall an especially friendworthy face standing out.
    • 2008, Kelly McClymer, Must Love Black:
      Had my possibly seeing a ghost made me friendworthy?
    • 2008, Jennifer Ziegler, How Not to Be Popular:
      It's not like I'm so concerned about being a friendworthy person these days.