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garlicke (uncountable)

  1. Archaic spelling of garlic.
    • ante 1615: J.H.?, This World’s Folly; or a Warning-Piece discharged upon the Wickedness thereof
      I will not particularize those Blitea dramata (as Laberius tearmes another sort) those Fortune-fatted fooles and Time’s Idoets, whose garbe is the Toothache of witte, the Plague-sore of Judgement, the Common-sewer of Obscœnitie, and the Traine-powder that dischargeth the roaring Meg of all scurrile villainies upon the Cities face; who are fain to produce blinde Impudence to personate himselfe upon their stage, behung with chaynes of garlicke, as an Antidote against their owne infectious breaths, lest it should kill their Oyster-crying Audience.