Uncertain, but probably from Arabic. There are several comparable roots, two or more of which may also have been merged.

  • Based on the meanings “chin, snout” compare: 1.) Arabic قَيْدُوم(qaydūm, bow of a ship), قُدّام(quddām, front part), from which latter Maltese quddiem; 2.) Berber (Tarifit) udem (face).
  • Based on the meaning “lower jaw” compare: 1.) Maltese gidem (to bite), from Arabic كَدَمَ(kadama); 2.) Arabic قَدُّوم(qaddūm, adze); 3.) Arabic جُذُوم(juḏūm), plural of جِذْم(jiḏm, root, foundation, lower part”, and in one old source “gum, place where a tooth grows).

Phonetically, it should be noted that Maltese /ɡ/ is rare and tends to derive either from Berber or irregularly from Arabic ك(k) or ج(j), almost never from ق(q).



geddum m (plural gdiedem)

  1. chin
  2. lower jaw
  3. snout of a pig or similar animal

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