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genderneutral (comparative more genderneutral, superlative most genderneutral)

  1. Alternative spelling of gender-neutral
    • 1992 July 4, Philip Lippel, re This is probably going to get me flamed... ,
      The teacher (Mrs. Spiegel) had selected all the words, and claimed they were all genderneutral.
    • 2000, edited by Alison M. Jaggar and Iris Marion Young, A companion to feminist philosophy, page 347:
      In this latter perspective the idea of an ontologically founded duality of the sexes overrules the vision of a genderneutral, universal humanity beyond sex and its differences.
    • 2003, Marc Boone, Marysa Demoor, Charles V in context: the making of a European identity, pages 213 & 232:
      Is madness gendered or genderneutral as to frequency?
      In lay circles, according to the authors' descriptions, the madness-label is a genderneutral term of abuse.
    • 2011, Rob Kirkpatrick, 1969: The Year Everything Changed:
      a world populated by a hermaphroditic species that is genderneutral save for the kemmer — two days during the planet's lunar cycle when Gethenians can decide to take on either the male or female role in mating.