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Alemannic German edit

Alternative forms edit

Verb edit


  1. past participle of nää

Friulian edit

Etymology edit

From Latin meus.

Pronoun edit

gno (first-person singular possessive of masculine singular, of feminine singular , of masculine plural miei, of feminine plural mês)

  1. (used attributively) my; of mine
  2. (used predicatively) mine
  3. (used substantively) mine; the thing belonging to me

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Swedish edit

Verb edit

gno (present gnor, preterite gnodde, supine gnott, imperative gno)

  1. to rub (to clean)
    Synonym: (harder) gnugga
  2. (colloquial) to toil (to earn a living or the like)
  3. (rare) to run around (trying to accomplish something)
    Synonym: flänga

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