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From goat +‎ -en. Compare Old English gǣten (of goats; goaten), German geißen (of goats; goaten), Gothic 𐌲𐌰𐌹𐍄𐌴𐌹𐌽 (gaitein).


goaten (comparative more goaten, superlative most goaten)

  1. (poetic) Of a goat, or like that which belongs to a goat; goatish
    • 1859, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, The Minor Poetry of Goethe:
      [] The angels you can ne'er salute, For see, you have a goaten foot.
    • 1943, Stefan Anton George, Poems - Page 221:
      The limpid wave reveals a goaten foot.
    • 2010, Richard E. Goddard, ‎Favin O'Tucker, The Whistling Ancestors - Page 94:
      Each and every one started to give vent to its own particular voice—from the deep bass of one of the larger ones, whose human upper part and goaten extremities were dead black, to an evil kind of reedy chuckle that came from one of the nameless brutes — []
    • 2013, Michael Baigent, ‎Richard Leigh, Secret Germany:
      Once down by the southern Sea I lay on a boulder, Wrung as lately my kin Spirit, when breaking through Olives, the Spook of Noon With goaten foot flicked me: []



West FrisianEdit



  1. plural of goate