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Etymology 1Edit

Google +‎ -ish


googlish (comparative more googlish, superlative most googlish)

  1. (Internet, informal) Resembling or in the manner of Google.
    This is the googlish way to do directory services.

Etymology 2Edit

Blend of Google +‎ English


googlish (uncountable)

  1. (informal) The result of translating foreign-language text via any of various popular web-translation engines.
  2. (informal) A notional language, not quite identical to English, resembling the result of such translation.

2003: One of our Austrian readers who speaks and writes excellent English has translated the German, and placed it here, if the Googlish translation is doing your brain in. — in SCO's evidence unveiled?, The Inquirer, 15 June 2003

2001: Is Googlish the Next Big Meme? Naah. But here's the first blog to borrow the idea, along with some well-reasoned thoughts on machine translation. Cheers, mate. (Or, as we say in Googlish: "Aclamations, companion.") Blog entry on