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Gopher +‎ space


gopherspace (uncountable)

  1. (Internet) The world of information available via the Gopher protocol.
    • 1995, David F. W. Robison, Jonathan Kochmer, The Internet passport: NorthWestNet's guide to our world online (page 301)
      How do you figure out where in gopherspace a particular kind of resource might be hiding?
    • 1995, David Angell, Brent D. Heslop, The Internet business companion: growing your business in the electronic age (page 123)
      This chapter explains how to set up shop and do business in Gopherspace.
    • 1998, Jimin He, Internet resources for engineers, page 41:
      Gopherspace is like a huge electronic library that needs a workable indexing and catalogue system.