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graphics whore (plural graphics whores)

  1. (video games, derogatory, slang, vulgar) A fan of computer graphics who favours good graphics over gameplay.
    • 1999 January 30, David Wooten, “Re: Dreamcast is not going to make it. Sonic has dismal sales”, in rec.games.video.sega (Usenet):
      for weeks all you were going on about is that VF3tb isn't arcade perfect, the graphics weren't 100% this, or that.. now you are saying graphics aren't everything. And trust me Marty, you are not talking to some "graphics whore" I've been involved in gaming since the late 70's, and follow it with a passion.
    • 1999 March 21, Raymond McKeithen II, “Re: Super GT is NOT coming to DC...”, in rec.games.video.sega (Usenet):
      I tried to find this sort of information in some of the reviews of DC SR2, but /every/ one I've read (fansites and professional) was written from the graphics-whore-viewpoint, and didn't talk much about such "nonessential" things as gameplay or car selection and handling.
    • 1999 July 21, Charles E. Taylor IV, “Re: Dreamcast or Playstation?[sic]”, rec.games.video.sony, rec.games.video.sega, Usenet
      Observe the marks of a true graphics whore. The first love is what the games look like. You probably bought a 3DO day of release too.
    • 1999 October 26, Mihn Lynn Pau, “revolted with tokyo”, in alt.games.video.sega-dreamcast (Usenet):
      anf final fantasy 8 sucks ass... if you like it you're a worthless graphics whore that never played real rpgs like the first 3 final fantasies on the nes.
    • 1999 November 1, John Ford, “Re: After a month of trying to get into FF8 I give up...”, in alt.games.final-fantasy (Usenet):
      I submit that if the presence of technology ruins a game for you, you're just as bad as a "graphics whore" who complains about the presence of 2-D...
    • 1999 November 16, Dan Riley, “Re: There's a Giga Wing review at IGN”, in alt.games.video.shooters (Usenet):
      Simply put, the reviewer is another misplaced, PSX graphics whore. Just the headline of the review was a clue: His Dreamcast turned into a Super Nintendo? At what point could a SNES handle 1/10 of the sprites that are in Giga Wing?
    • 2000 February 12, L Fernandez, “U9 isn't so bad..”, in comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.rpg (Usenet):
      The visuals are great...everything from the characters to the backgrounds to the cutscenes, absolutely amazing. I don't want to sound like a total graphics whore, but the visuals will keep me going even if the gameplay isn't the best.
    • 2008, Gran Turismo 5 (game review) in GameAxis Unwired magazine (issue 56, page 42)
      If you are what the kids these days call a "graphics whore", that is, someone whose sole motivation for buying games is how they look, then ignore the rest of this review...

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