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Particularly: “How did the second sense develop? -- the sex sense? because the Greeks famously practised anal sex.”



greek ‎(plural greeks)

  1. Alternative letter-case form of Greek ‎(nonsense writing or talk; gibberish)
  2. Alternative letter-case form of Greek ‎(anal sex)


greek ‎(third-person singular simple present greeks, present participle greeking, simple past and past participle greeked)

  1. (computing) To display a placeholder instead of (text), especially to optimize speed in displaying text that would be too small to read.
    • 1991, Ronnie Shushan, ‎Don Wright, Desktop publishing by design
      You can specify the type size below which text will be greeked in the Preferences dialog box. Designers often prefer to use greeked text in rough layouts because it helps the client focus on the design rather than on the words.
  2. (computing) To fill a template with nonsense text (particularly the Lorem ipsum), so that form can be focused on instead of content.

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