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See also: ha'porths and hap'orths




  1. (Britain, nonstandard) plural of ha'p'orth
    • 1853, Mansfield Parkyns, Life in Abyssinia, John Murray 1853, p. 83
      I have frequently sat in his shop watching the passers by, thinking of the past and planning for the future, while the worthy little man was dealing out farthing-worths of pepper or ha'p'orths of sugar.
    • 1980, Jane Barlow, Strangers at Lisconnel.: A Second Series of Irish Idylls
      He kept his ink in a single moderate-sized jar, out of which he measured penn'orths and ha'p'orths into the various receptacles brought by customers who came to demand "a sup" or "a drain".
    • 2004, John R Watson, The Hampstead Mystery
      Although the shop was an unpretentious one, and catered mainly for the ha'p'orths of the juvenile patrons of the picture house next door, it was called "The Camden Town Confectionery Emporium".