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Corruption of salmagundi.


hashmagandy (uncountable)

  1. (Australia) A stew made from a variety of ingredients.
  2. (Australia, military, slang) An insipid army dish.
  3. Residue remaining after organic material is processed, such as at an abattoir, used as fertiliser or by anglers as bait.
    • 1905, Arthur Henry Beavan, Fishes I Have Known[1], page 127:
      These fishermen procure from a boiling-down establishment, where diseased sheep, oxen, and horses are reduced to glue and other useful articles, the residuum, an awfully stinking substance called Hashmagandy, [] .
    • 1905, Victorian Department of Agriculture, The Journal of the Department of Agriculture of Victoria[2], volume 3, page 714:
      [] nitrogen is contained in the nitrate form in nitrate of soda and nitrate of potash, in the ammoniacal form in sulphate of ammonia, and in the organic form in dried blood, bonedust, bones, and digester refuse (hashmagandy), and manures of a similar class.
    • 1937, Victorian Department of Agriculture, The journal of the Department of Agriculture, Victoria[3], volume 34, page 49:
      The raw offal is first steam-digested under pressure to remove the tallow, and the residue, termed “hashmagandy,” is then dried in steam-heated revolving cylinders, after which it is elevated or transferred to a disintegrator, []