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From hell +‎ man.


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hellman (plural hellmen)

  1. (surfing, slang) A daredevil.
    • 1997, Surfer, volume 38, issues 1–6, Kelly's Cove is where I go to surf in the City:
      Let the hellmen down the beach tilt against 100 yards of whitewater trying to paddle out.
    • 2005, Matt Warshaw, The Encyclopedia of Surfing, page 124:
      Surfer magazine introduced the break to the surf world at large in early 1992, describing the dark-haired, strong-jawed Clark as a "hellman," and the " unofficial guardian of a true secret spot." As Maverick's popularity skyrocketed over the next two years, Clark remained the break's unofficial spokesman, [...]
  2. Evil man; devil.
    • 1990, Ed Sanders, Tales of Beatnik Glory, page 297:
      Everybody was listening to King, and no one wanted to be distracted. Sam was angry. He couldn't remain passive when the hellmen of the ovens were cursing those he loved. They had to be confronted. He hoisted his camera upon his shoulder just as King's voice said, "Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, [...]
    • 2001, John Birmingham, He died with a felafel in his hand, page 23:
      There's this great pause as the hellmen realise they are locked in with me, the dog and the girl upstairs. There's always a few seconds while these ugly bastards stare at the bars.