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hex sign




hex sign (plural hex signs)

  1. (paganism) A protective symbol used in Heathenry comprising a six-petaled flower or star set within a circle.

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  • 1984 Futharc A Handbook of Rune Magic, Edred Thorsson, Samuel Weiser Inc, 0-87728-548-9, page 107.
    Common in Dutch hex signs and a powerful framework for talismans and visual magic.
  • 1993 Our Troth, the Ring of Troth and other true folk, →ISBN, page 662.
    Hex-sign - a sign of hallowing and warding, traditionally put on the walls of houses or barns.
  • 1999 The Complete Illustrated Guide to Runes, Nigel Pennick, Element Books Ltd, →ISBN, page 183.
    hex sign Runic-derived protective sign used in Pennsylvania Dutch house-building.