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A hitchhiker
Hitchhikers stuck to pants

Alternative formsEdit


From hitchhike +‎ -er.


hitchhiker (plural hitchhikers)

  1. A person or thing that hitchhikes.
  2. An item attached to a travel bug and hidden in a geocache to be found and transported to other caches or around the world.
  3. (preceded by definite article) A dance move in which the dancer mimics the motions of someone thumbing a ride.
  4. (informal, botany) A bur that attaches and clings to clothing, or a bur-bearing plant.
  5. (radio, advertising) An advertisement at the end of a programme.
    Coordinate term: cowcatcher
    • 1945, Charles Harold Sandage, Radio Advertising for Retailers (page 186)
      [] and networks have taken steps to modify or eliminate the bunching of spots and commercials between programs which results from the use of hitchhikers and cowcatchers.