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hope springs eternal




Shortened from hope springs eternal in the human breast, a quote from An Essay on Man (1734) by Alexander Pope.


hope springs eternal

  1. The feeling of hopefulness endlessly renews itself.
    • 1734, Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man:
      Hope springs eternal in the human breast;
      Man never is, but always to be blest.
    • 1865, Charles Dickens, chapter 43, in Our Mutual Friend:
      Night after night his disappointment is acute, but hope springs eternal in the scholastic breast, and he follows me again to-morrow.
    • 1915, Elinor Glyn, "The Gospel of Common Sense" in Three Things:
      But, as hope springs eternal in the human breast, he still goes from doctor to doctor for fresh advice.
    • 2003 April 23, Leon Jaroff, "Hold That Tiger," Time:
      But hope springs eternal in diehard Tiger fans, and Peter is convinced that someday, somehow, he and his son will see Detroit clinch a championship.


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