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From Old French hymnodie, from Latin hymnodia, from Ancient Greek ὑμνῳδία (humnōidía), from ὑμνῳδέω (humnōidéō, I sing a hymn), from ὕμνος (húmnos, song of praise) + ἀείδω (aeídō, I sing).



hymnody (countable and uncountable, plural hymnodies)

  1. (uncountable) The writing, composing, or singing of hymns or psalms.
    • 1721, Thomas Ken, "Vrania: or, the Spouſe's Garden", The Works of the Right Reverend, Learned and Pious, Thomas Ken, D.D., Vol. IV, J. Wyat, page 448,
      Primeval Worſhip, Lord, retrieve, / For whoſe Decays the Faithful grieve, / For as thy Temple-Off'rings fall or riſe, / Hymnody chills or fires, Religion lives or dies.
  2. (countable) The hymns of a particular church or of a particular time.
    • 1718, William Gordon, An Apology for the Use of the English Liturgy and Worship, J. Bettenham, page 56
      Therefore do we recite this Seraphick Theology delivered to us, that in that cæleſtial Hymnody we may communicate with the Heavenly Hoſt

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