important +‎ -ly


importantly (comparative more importantly, superlative most importantly)

  1. (sentence adverb) Used to mark a statement as having importance.
    • 2009 August 23, Michael Apstein, “Here's to good health - maybe”, in San Francisco Chronicle, page K1:
      These potentially ground-breaking discoveries need to be tempered by the knowledge that very high doses - the equivalent of 100-plus bottles of red wine daily - were given to mice. Importantly, after resveratrol is absorbed into the blood, it is broken down quickly and may have limited effect in humans.
  2. In an important manner.
    • 2001 January/February, Frazier, Ian, “Dearly Disconnected.”, in Mother Jones, volume 25, number 1, page 60:
      Even sitting in a restaurant, the person on a cell phone seems importantly busy and on the move.