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Alternative formsEdit


From Middle English in as muche as, in as muchel as (as far as, as much as, seeing that, since, as long as, so that).


inasmuch as

  1. Because of the fact that; since.
    • M.K. Gandhi, The Story of My Experiments with Truth, translated by Mahadev Desai, Part I, chapter xvii[1]:
      This was a hardship in as much as inquiry showed that even in vegetarian restaurants many courses used to contain eggs. This meant that unless I knew what was what, I had to go through the awkward process of ascertaining whether a particular course contained eggs or no, for many puddings and cakes were not free from them.
  2. To the extent that; insofar as.
    Synonyms: inasfar as, insofar as
    You will improve, but only inasmuch as you practise.