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From Latin innocuus (harmless).

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innocuous (comparative more innocuous, superlative most innocuous)

  1. Harmless; producing no ill effect.
    Synonyms: innoxious, nonpoisonous, nontoxic, undamaging, unharmful, harmless
    Antonyms: nocuous, noxious, harmful, poisonous, toxic; see also Thesaurus:harmful
  2. Inoffensive; unprovocative; unexceptionable.
    Synonym: uncontroversial
    • 1893, Gilbert Parker, chapter 12, in Mrs. Falchion:
      Ruth Devlin announced that the song must wait, though it appeared to be innocuous and child-like in its sentiments.
    • 1910, P. G. Wodehouse, chapter 29, in The Intrusion of Jimmy:
      He sat down, and lighted a cigarette, casting about the while for an innocuous topic of conversation.

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