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Competitors beginning the swimming phase of the Ironman World Championship triathlon in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, 2005

Alternative formsEdit


From iron +‎ man.


ironman (plural ironmen or ironmans)

  1. An extremely tough and strong athlete, especially one who competes in extreme athletic competitions or in a large number of games consecutively.
  2. (Australia) A form of surf lifesaving competition which combines swimming, board paddling, ski paddling and running.
    • 2011, Katrina Marie Russell, Youth Sport in Australia, page 153,
      The catalyst for this rift was the ironman, a multi-discipline sport combining swimming, running, surf-skis and paddle-boards.
      Introduced to Australia in 1965 by touring American lifeguards, the ironman is a test of stamina, strength, and diverse skill.
  3. An extreme form of triathlon, expecially one organised by the World Triathlon Corporation that comprises a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike race and a marathon run.
    • 2007 July 21, Aimee Berg, “Far-From-Basic Training for a 135-Mile Footrace”, in New York Times[1]:
      “Every sense of your body is taken over by the climate,” said the New York City native Christopher Bergland, who set a record at triple ironmans (7.2-mile swim, 336-mile bike, 78.6-mile run) but failed to finish one of his three Badwater races.
  4. (by extension) The winner of such a lifesaving event or triathlon.

Usage notesEdit

The plural ironmen pertains to the athlete; ironmans pertains to the event.

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