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isiHindi? class 7

  1. Hindi language


Class 7
Singular Plural
Full form isiHindi
Locative esiHindini
Singular Plural
Full form isiHindi
Simple form siHindi
Locative esiHindini
Copulative yisiHindi
Possessive forms
Singular Plural
Modifier Substantive Modifier Substantive
Class 1 wesiHindi owesiHindi
Class 2 besiHindi abesiHindi
Class 3 wesiHindi owesiHindi
Class 4 yesiHindi eyesiHindi
Class 5 lesiHindi elesiHindi
Class 6 esiHindi awesiHindi
Class 7 sesiHindi esesiHindi
Class 8 zesiHindi ezesiHindi
Class 9 yesiHindi eyesiHindi
Class 10 zesiHindi ezesiHindi
Class 11 lwesiHindi olwesiHindi
Class 14 besiHindi obesiHindi
Class 15 kwesiHindi okwesiHindi
Class 17 kwesiHindi okwesiHindi