1. feast
  2. party
  3. celebration
  4. ceremony, occasion, function


Inflection of juhla (Kotus type 10/koira, no gradation)
nominative juhla juhlat
genitive juhlan juhlien
partitive juhlaa juhlia
illative juhlaan juhliin
singular plural
nominative juhla juhlat
accusative nom. juhla juhlat
gen. juhlan
genitive juhlan juhlien
partitive juhlaa juhlia
inessive juhlassa juhlissa
elative juhlasta juhlista
illative juhlaan juhliin
adessive juhlalla juhlilla
ablative juhlalta juhlilta
allative juhlalle juhlille
essive juhlana juhlina
translative juhlaksi juhliksi
instructive juhlin
abessive juhlatta juhlitta
comitative juhlineen

Usage notesEdit

  • The word can used in either plural or singular, but there are little differences in the nuances. The singular form juhla is often used when the party is considered bigger, more public or taking place in a more spacious venue. On the other hand, the plural form juhlat has a nuance that the party is private or taking place in a smaller venue.
Rehtori kiitti juhlassa koko koulua menneestä vuodesta. (singular)
The principal thanked the whole school for the past year at the ceremony.
Minun juhlissani oli 30 (= kolmekymmentä) vierasta. (plural)
I had 30 guests at my party.


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