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Of Finno-Samic origin. Cognates include Finnish kyllä and Northern Sami galˈle.




  1. An intensifier corresponding to the English auxiliary do.
    Ma läksin küll sinna.
    I did go there.
  2. A general intensifier
    Ära muretse, küll ma lähen
    Don't worry, I'll go.
  3. enough, sufficiently
    Meil on juua küll.
    We have enough to drink.
  4. Expresses various emotions, such as uncertainty, certainty, and surprise.
    Küll ta tuleb.
    He will surely come.
    Mis meid küll seal ootab?
    What will await us there?.
  5. both ... and ...
    Temaga on proovitud hakkama saada küll heaga, küll kurjaga.
    We've tried both good and evil to manage him.