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kick-the-can (uncountable)

  1. A game played by children, similar to tag, where tagged players are freed if an untagged player manages to kick over a discarded tin can etc. set up for this purpose.
    • 1994, Richard Powers, Operation Wandering Soul, HarperCollins, →ISBN, page 232,
      Each syllable, screamed by a hysteric caller in the world's last round of kick-the-can.
    • 2003, Dorothy Lilja Harrison, A Better Tomorrow?, iUniverse, →ISBN page 70,
      And because few families could afford cars anymore, the alley was a safe place to play Captain-May-I?, kick-the-can, and bounce-out.
    • 2004, Yongsoo Park, Las Cucarachas, Akashic, →ISBN, page 7,
      If we were playing kick-the-can, it'd get everyone out of jail and make life hell for whoever's "it."