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Etymology 1Edit

From Middle Dutch codde (testicle, club), from Proto-Germanic *kuddô, and ultimately Proto-Indo-European *geu (to curve, to bend); same source as Old Armenian կոր (kor), Lithuanian gurnas (ankle, hip, bone), and Norwegian kaure (curly lock of hair). Cognate to Low German Koden (belly, paunch), English cod, Danish kodde (testicle), Swedish kudde (cushion), Faroese koddi (pillow), Icelandic koddi (pillow).


kodde f (plural kodden, diminutive koddetje n or kodje n)

  1. club (weapon)
  2. (by extension) penis
  3. tail, esp. of a dog, cat or pig
  4. (by extension) tail of a kite
  5. (by extension) arse
  6. (by extension) cattail, bulrush
  7. (obsolete) joke
Derived termsEdit