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Kudzu covering several trees in Atlanta in the United States.


From Japanese クズ (, kuzu). The spelling kudzu (instead of kuzu) is due to historical transliteration methods of Japanese into English.



kudzu (usually uncountable, plural kudzus)

  1. An Asian vine (several species in the genus Pueraria, but mostly Pueraria montans var. lobata, syn. Pueraria lobata in the US), grown as a root starch, and which is a notorious invasive weed in the United States.
    Synonyms: Japanese arrowroot, mile-a-minute
    • 2011 August 31, Ashley Dawson, “Slow Violence and the Environmentalism of the Poor: An Interview with Rob Nixon”, in Social Text[1]:
      Walled off communities, private jets, private security details are spreading like kudzu around the world.

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